Director's Reel

A series of projects I've been able to pull off through-out-the-years in between work. All low budget and many with friends! Some of these have not seen the light of day and sadly never will. 

Enjoy the crazy reel we got out of it all!

- Christopher Neil


I was given the opportunity to direct the first 'Lagree Fitness' commercial. Built the concept around one of their key workouts.

Client: Lagree Fitness
Editor/Colorist: Christopher Neil
Cinematographer: Kyle Bart Reid
AC: Beth Napoli
Gaffer: Adam Jordan Isaacs
Model: Jordan Mosley

"Wandering Star"

A fan made 'music video' I made for $700. Someone stole it and uploaded to youtube, has a little over 100k views.

Asst. Editor: Kevin Thangchaipinyokul
Mask By: John Carl Buechler
Starring: Malice McMunn, Chris Toma, Vanessa Norris, Veronica Van Sant,