We're all a number to someone.

My name is Christopher Neil and I'm a post agoraphobic night-owl who has spent the past 10 years of my life dedicated to film. Eat, sleep and work has been my ritual and as I have persevered through the obstacles that have been placed in front of me. I finally stand again upon a new frontier, finally catering to what I had set out to accomplish from the beginning. 

Direct films. 

As an editor I have worked on all facets of production from TV Shows, Commercial, Reality, Film and as my background as a post-heavy laborer helps my vision as a director. I can sleep well, knowing I have paid my dues. 

My portfolio is a select number of projects from over the years, that I feel represent the tone and diversity in which I would like to explore as a visual artist. I've done so much content that it would be over-bearing to show it all, and as I transition into more directing projects, I would like to keep it as minimal as possible.

As I continue to pursue this journey in Los Angeles, I hope to find more creatives open to seeing things in a different light, and escaping the censorship that so often holds us back.

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